I actually surprised myself twice. I learned acceptance, granted it took 23 years but the fact that I learned it at last is remarkable. I was accosted by 8 people, all about the evils of abortions and that I was going to hell for murder. What they failed to realize was this: I was 15 when it happened AND it happened by a rape from my mother’s uncle. I would have preferred to do fetal testing to see if there was anything wrong with it but the court system had other ideas. I was court ordered to go through it. Even though that happened, I still consider that my child.

The impressed bit came by pointing out that 23 years is a long time to hate anyone or anything – then I blocked and deleted them but the great part was it wasn’t just one person, it was eight (8) people

I then wrote a Facebook paged about my feelings on the subject. My road is NOT your road and until   it is, leave my decisions alone.. it seems I have grown up.. Thought I would share my facebook post about this.

I don’t normally talk about a certain issue because it hits way too close to me but just today I have had 8 different people msg me to preach the evils of abortion. Well honey you are barking up the wrong tree. I was 15, raped by my uncle, gotten pregnant as a result and forced by a court system to abort that child. Was that what I wanted to do? No. But see I had no choice. I was forced to do that .. Does it hurt every year on that day? Yes. I count that as one of my children. If you are willing to put your own child through having to have a child of a rape at 15 then I have absolutely no words for you. Oh, and for the record, I really don’t care what is said about my thoughts on this matter. People need to learn to leave well enough alone especially if they do not know what a person has had to endure.

And enough said!

Ms. Pengelf

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