My Resignation Letter
August 15, 2009
05:31 am

To whom it may concern:
This is my resignation letter. I hereby resign my post of: daughter, sister, cousin and grand-daughter. I am no longer available for anything you need that regards those positions. I am fed up with all the bullshit and drama that is associated with those posts. If or when you can grow up and decide those things are not needed or wanted in your life, let me know THEN. I will then choose to re-apply, IF you are truly sincere about making those changes.
I also resign from the posts of: slave, house elf, gopher and general scape goat. I was not placed on this earth to manage your life and your affairs. I am sick of having to handle all your problems and make excuses for your behavior. I do NOT need the hassle nor am I going to allow it. For the first time in my life, I am choosing myself over the rest of you. If you do not like this, then forget I exist and move on with your own life. I can NOT handle my problems and fix me while being all those things for you. It does not work like that.
I am no longer your computer technician, call a repair man, they get paid to fix your problems. I am not a general contractor either so I no longer will be able to fix your ‘stuff’ that you have broken either. I am tired of having to build my life solely around what you need and I am now refusing to do so. For the record, you can clean your own house, make your own food, take a bath or shower by yourself and do NOT need me to do those things for you. If you cannot handle this outburst of my independence, then again, forget that I exist. You only acknowledge my presence when you want those things and from this point on, I will NEVER be available for them again. Do these things for yourself or not, the choice is solely your own.
I no longer will be made to feel like shit when you fail to get your way, your opinions of me do not matter any longer and I will no longer pretend that I care. Whatever you need, find another venue to get it and leave me out of it. At this point, I am not even a friend. You have thoroughly made sure that bridge was burned when you failed me. Not once in my life have you ever put me first or second or even third, If I came in last, it was a step up from the previous listing. I hope that you heed this letter because it is completely enforced at this time. If you have questions or problems with it, deal with it on your own. I will Not explain myself to you over this matter. Since you ignored me for all of my life except when you thought you could manipulate me, pretend now I was never placed where you could reach me. The manipulation, lies, futuristic fairy tales… It ALL stops here.
Your former bitch,
Ms. Pengelf

❤ <(“)