“A lot of people use social media to share mundane things or for self-glorification. I try to use it to share interesting things with people.” ~ Ashton Kutcher

I do understand that in the grand scheme of things, my blog is just a blog that is out there among many. That being said, I hope that through my blog, I can share not only my interests but also my happiness, sorry, depression, mania and of course any euphoric episode that comes along. There are people in my life that mean a lot to me and there are things that mean a lot to me. I happen to love and adore books. It is very rare that one displeases me. While I am currently reading several books, I do try to make it known that I do have other interests. I am seriously getting tired of people telling me what I can post about, what I can tweet about, etc. It just gets old. These are my accounts, my views. I am sorry if they offend, annoy, or just generally aggregate you. You are not me. I made it clear, perfectly clear, when I created this blog that I am an Aspie and I will post what the heck I want to post. Your opinion, while appreciated, does not mean anything and will not stop me from doing what am doing.

There is a reason I own a hat that says: I ❤ haters


❤ <(“)