And not in a good way either! I decided that for my upcoming pengday, I wanted to finally get myself inked. I want to honor the love in my little penguin type world and brand myself accordingly. I have formed the ideas, found the designs, and put them all together. Now, I just need it to be priced and then done. I went today to get the pricing done at one of the “supposed” best places in town and had a right good laugh! They refuse to 1) do the designs how I want them (size), 2) they won’t use the colors that I want, and 3) if they did, I would have to pay $150 for my right wrist, $100 for my left. I DON”T THINK SO!! I am not about to spend $250 on a perma mark for my body to NOT have precisely what I want to have!! I think I will take my business to someone who actually can look at the pictures I took in (instead of making me wait for 10 minutes THEN proceed to ONLY stare at my breasts) and give me an HONEST explanation and price! I just don’t understand why the place I went to today thought it comical that I was going elsewhere. Do they really not value their customers that much? Last I knew, it was rather disrespectful to openly mock someone, especially a someone who could potentially spend money in your business.

Anyways, that is enough of a rant for now. Will write more later, perhaps when I finally find a price and set a date to get my present to myself done! I may even put up a picture of them when done, I don’t know yet, as I haven’t fully decided on that yet.

Ms. Pengelf

<(“) ❤