So, once again I would like to apologize for my absence on here HOWEVER I do have some promising news to share! With that, I do hope you will forgive me for my lack of keeping in touch.

Firstly, I want to report that while school is awesome as always, I did run into a financial situation that will be requiring me to switch over from Everest University – Largo Campus to St. Petersburg College – Gibbs Campus. While I am not extremely happy with having to switch schools, I am happy that by doing so it will allow me the oppurtunity to gain my Bachelor’s Degree through Everest, which is what I really wanted to do. After that, I was looking to perhaps getting my Master’s Degree in Business Management through Everest as well. Here is hoping that everything continues to fall into place to allow for all this to happen.

Secondly is my BIG news or well, it is big news to me! I have done a prelimenary interview with Sonic Drive-In on 49th Street in Pinellas Park, filled out their application, and am now just waiting for the phone call for the “official” interview to happen. When I spoke with the manager there, she was VERY interested in me and almost to the point of excited that I was applying there. She said that with my experience in food service along with my customer service training, she REALLY wants to hire me. So, unless corporate has a problem with me that she is unable to talk them around with, then I will be getting a job. Here is the neat part! I qualify for the Ticket-To-Work program with Social Security. This is a “Rehabilitation” program that will allow me to work and maintain my benefits while putting away the money I earn to become “self sufficient”. Typically, the program lasts between 1 to 2 years and then you will be considered “rehabilitated” and thusly able to work full time. The manager I spoke with told me that if I was to complete this program, while I am learning the entire inside of the business, she will then put me up for management consideration AND with me going to school for IT, there is also a very good possibility that this could go farther with me even getting into a corporate job working with and maintaining their computer networks and security features! Can we say how awesome is that!? Yeah, I knew we could!

Right now, if you weren’t able to tell from the tone of this blog post, I am one very excited and happy pengelf! I hope that everyone of you that is looking for employment finds an oppurtunity like I did (basically it just fell into my lap) and for those that do have a current job, don’t let anything hold you back from going further in your career! Believe in yourself! I believe in all of you!

With much love, always!

Ms. Pengelf

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