I have been in my room pretty much all day. I haven’t hardly spoken to anyone. I have been quite grumpy and cranky. Why am I isolating myself? Simple. It is one of those days yet again. If you are slightly even unsure about what sort of days I am referring to, you need to go back on here and read my post I did for Memorial Day. Veteran’s Day brings the same sort of perplexing mental status and emotional charging as it does. And essentially for the same reason. Perhaps I shouldn’t let it bother me. Perhaps I should let it go. Perhaps I should move on. Well, these things are very much easier said than done. I have already been stung today by several people telling me I didn’t appreciate the military and quite a bit of other malarkey, so I will repeat here what they have all been told: Do not judge me until you walk a mile in my shoes. You do not know and cannot appreciate all I have gone through to feel the way I do and if you have a problem with it then you can move on and leave me be.

And, for the record, I truly feel this way. I don’t rightly care if it causes some people to walk off and leave. It just shows that they never truly cared about me to start with. Am done bowing to the whim of everyone else.

Venting done, for now.

<(“) ❤

Ms. Pengelf