Yes, I realize that I haven’t blogged in forever and I was a very bad pengelf for that. However, I was off doing university work and was very engaged with that. I thought for a while that my Oral Communications Professor was out for blood! He had me petrified, worried, scared and roughly, about a 100 other things as well! Last term, I took 3 classes – Strategies for Success, Oral Communications, and Computer Applications. Are you curious as to how I did? I hope you are! I made the Spring 2012 Everest University – Largo Campus’s President’s List! It would seem that we have quite the smart little pengelf here! My first term with Everest and I walked away with a nice 4.0 GPA! YAY, GO ME! I just started the Summer term – which has me taking such things as General Psychology, Computer Networking Fundamentals and Computer Operating Systems and here is hoping that I can continue with my good work! 2 classes into the first week, last class for this week is tomorrow and then there is ONLY 11 more weeks… doesn’t much seem like a long time when you break it down into weeks but when you are going daily OMP, it is a life time!

Mr. P & Mr. A, let the torture and the entertainment begin! I got this!

<(“) ❤

Ms. Pengelf