By new geek toys, I mean to say my new computer and monitor have finally shown up and the day before mother’s day no less! The only thing not here yet is my upgrade disc to Windows 7 Ultimate but that should be in before the week is out next week. I have spent the day putting together a new to me bed and setting up the very basics on the computer and updating and updating and updating – did I mention updating? Oh yeah, and virus scanning cause AVG was throwing one hell of a fit because it hadn’t done that yet. So the point to this story is this… never set up a bed by yourself because you can’t tighten it all the way up no matter how hard and determined you are – get a buddy to assist you with the task and secondly and most importantly, read the fine print when you buy a new pc! Mine didn’t come with an internal wifi card so am making do with a USB one for now and thirdly, make sure before you even get started on the task of setting it up you have all the software at hand, otherwise you will just be redoing the same thing over and over again. One thing puzzles me however, as much as I truly love my new pc, I can’t for the life of me get it to recognize my mic/headset no matter where it is plugged in at. Oh well, something more to suss out in the morn…

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Ms. Pengelf