Well, my midterm exams are going to be in roughly 2 weeks time and low and behold, that is also the same time when I will be having my laser surgery for my left eye to deal with my glaucoma. I have already spoken with one of my Professors and he is willing to let me take the exam out of the classroom and in the student lounge area where there is very low lighting (which will probably still be too much but way better than being in the classroom) and I have one more Professor to talk to about it. I am hoping he too will allow me to take the exam in the student lounge area as the library and the  classrooms are both way bright after having a laser shot into your eye several times over. All I know is this, things could be very interesting that week.

On a brighter note, according to the email I got this morning, I should be getting my new computer by the 12th and I will hopefully be able to set it up this weekend (if fedex can find the house that is) plus, I have a new to me bed that I have to get put together so that the peng peng boys can actually have beds of their very own as well.. Wow, can we say busy, busy, busy? I thought we could…

<(“) ❤

Ms. Pengelf