WELL, I recently discovered I was unhappy with my life and set about to fix it. It all started the Saturday before Easter when I went to church with my neighbor Becky. She took me to a wonderful church. A church I now call home. I never before thought I would have that again. Since going there, I have had such a peace come into my life and am excited at the change it has brought. I know those that know me are going woah, wait a minute! YOU went to church? And the answer is yes! I have gone now 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays and couldn’t be happier!

I also decided to change schools to one that I think will be better for me, although it has not been well received by some. I am excited and am going for Network Administration and it is going to be very ‘hands on’ which is something that I need. I start classes tomorrow with Oral Communications which I am not all that excited about but feel I can do well in that class. All I have to do is have a bit of faith.

<(“) ❤

Ms. Pengelf