Well, the arrogant ass that lived at my prior house blackmailed my landie to kick me out, which she did – all the while telling me how good a tenant I was and how much of an ass he is. Bottom line was still I had to go, so I did.

Luckily for me, I have awesome friends. One of them and her family stepped up and said for me to come there. So, here I am. We set up a rental agreement so there wouldn’t be any hard feelings when I do leave so I think we covered all the bases. I have a desk which is awesomeness in a box – hopefully that bad boy will go together tonight! and I have a kick ass desk chair to go with it. I am less stressed here so that is at least something. Overall, I am just feeling blessed that once again  my extended peng family opened their door to me and are gracious enough to let me stay here.

School is going well. I am taking US History right now and while I detest the subject, I seem to be doing quite well in the class. I always never fail to amaze myself. I am redoing one of my essays but other than that I am sporting an A in the class… go ME!

That, I do think is all the news going on right now so with that I will just wish you all pengy love!

<(“) ❤

Ms. Pengelf