I am very happy that I have people out there that love to read my thoughts and hear my musings. Why? Because today sucks royally. It has come and with it brought the emotional hormones of a third trimester pregnant woman to my door. I am hoping that Wednesday comes soon and decides to take the fluxing hormonal chaos away, even at the risk of something else coming and going wrong.

I really think that being all bipolar is hell on earth. There are euphoric days, there are good days and then there are days like this and days worse than this, which are the days spent in the 5th circle of hell with the demons of life past. Today I am just down, emotionally raw, and fed up about everything. I bit off Mr. Pengelf’s head this morning. Why? Because he asked me how I slept. Yeah, I know I am off when I can’t cover up the annoyance of that question.

Anyway, here is to tomorrow. May the weight of today lighten over the distractions brought by harry potter merchandise and maplestory.

<(“) ❤

Ms. Pengelf