Yesterday I spent the entire day in St. Petersburg. Walking around in flip flops, with bruised, blistered and cut up feet. I made it through and made some progress in my therapy. I also went to the YMCA to see if i can qualify for a membership. All in all, excluding my feet, it was fairly fail but decent.

Today, I get to attempt to get to and from my doctors using buses I have never used before … this could prove to be interesting to say the least. I need refills on my medications so hopefully, he will Rx them. My feet are still killer but I gotta do what I gotta do.

I also found out that on the 8th of December I get to have another sleep study. This time it is to determine what my range should be and whether or not oxygen will allow me to sleep better. I am so not looking forward to it but again what must be done, must be done.

That is all for now so ….

<(“) ❤

Ms. Pengelf