Why on earth would I do something like that? Well, because I could. I decided that since Mr. P. Pengy has his blog on here, I may as well join him and already he is driving me up the wall! lol MEN! I guess here you would want to know a bit more about me and not Mr. P. Pengy so, I will tell you a bit about myself. I am an aspie poet. I don’t like rules, I write how my brain tells me to write. Funny thing is that everyone who reads my stuff loves it. Just because I am a bit different doesn’t mean that I am a monster (although some do believe that).

For the record, I am now a person with Category 1 ASD not Asperger’s Syndrome, which by the way is where the term Aspie comes from. I have two sons, a Category 2 ASD and a Category 1 ASD. I also suffer from fibromyalgia which creates extraordinary pain systemically. I have many other things that plague me but those two are enough to do me in on any day of the week.

On the rare occasion that I get to feeling my muse needing to share I may just put up a poem or 3 or 5 or maybe just 1. And with that my friends, I will say coffee time!

<(“) ❤ Pengy Love to All

Ms. Pengelf